Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rescue Me

Hold me close my Savior
As I sink beneath these waves
With the water raging over me
Will I sink without a trace
Can anybody see me
Will I be missed when I’m gone
Hold me now my Savior
And keep holding on

Hold me now my Savior
Draw me close to you
As my tears stain this paper
I don’t know what to do
I feel so far away
From where I’m suppose to be
Draw me close my Savior
Come rescue me

Hold me now my Savior
Let me feel your embrace
Help me to hear you speaking
Help me to seek your face
I know you’re out there somewhere
You’re just too far away to see
Draw me close my Savior
Rescue me

Hold me now my Savior
Hold me in your arms
While my mistakes and failures
Attempt to tear me apart
I want so badly to forsake them
But I am far too weak
Help me now my Savior
And rescue me

Are you there my Jesus
Can you even hear my cries
Can you see through these defenses
Can you look past my lies
The sins I continue to carry
Can you release me of all these
Forgive me please my Jesus
Please rescue me

Hold me now my Savior
My days on Earth are done
You held me as I asked you to
Until the war was won
Thank you my Lord, my Jesus
I’ll praise you for all eternity
Because you never did let me go
Because you rescued me


Tracy said...

Wow... I love this. Is it something you wrote or is it a song???? I've been reading through your blog and I just want to say... HANG IN THERE! I see you have a faith in God. Just trust that he has a plan for your life and you don't have to stress about it. Take this time to enjoy being who you are...even if you haven't completely figured out what that means. Believe it or not, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is stop searching for happiness! I just had a talk with my daughter last night about our focus. It's one of God's many principles that just doesn't make sense in our human minds, but if you begin to focus on others and all that you can do to make their lives better, the happiness you seek will find you. You were created for a purpose. Start serving the others in whatever ways and with whatever gifts God has given you and you will begin to feel fulfilled. And believe me, if you focus on others in this way... someday that girl you're looking for will find you!
Keep writing... for no other reason than just because you want to.

Colonal Jesip said...

Thank you so much for that. You're the first comment I've gotten from anybody other than a friend. But also, I really appreciate the advice. And that post is the lyrics to a song I wrote. Unfortunately the music for it is stuck in my head because I don't know how to write music, only the words.