Thursday, May 13, 2010

At the Cross of Jesus

Don’t cry,
Wipe away that tear
Forget all of your sorrows
Forget all of your fears
Cast off all your worries
And every burden that you bear
At the cross of Jesus
Leave them lying there

He sees all of your problems
And all the issues that you face
He can see that you’re hurting
He knows of your disgrace
He wants to make it better
He wants to make it fair
At the cross of Jesus
Just leave it lying there

He knows when you don’t feel Him
Because He can feel it too
He longs to have you near Him
He longs to be with you
To place His arms around us
To fulfill our every need
And to take our worries from us
As we lay them at Jesus’ feet

He will offer you His shelter
And give you safety from the storm
He’ll give you a place to run to
To feel safe and to feel warm
For the streets are cold and dirty
With no place to safely fall
Come and fall before the cross
Of the God of Heaven, the God of all

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